General Questions

Q. What does Earnings Logic sell?

Think of Earnings Logic as a mini-mall with a tour guide to help your visitors connect with what we have found to be the most lucrative income streams online.
The income opportunities include both digital and physical products. Earnings Logic system automates the process so that one you set it up we do most of the work for you.

Q. How much does Earnings Logic cost?

Absolutely nothing. Earnings Logic is 100% FREE for you to use, market and promote.

The free use of Earnings Logic funnel to automate your business income and provide multiple streams of income with no more effort than building one, must not be confused with every step being free.

Each step is a separate company and the investment to become a part of it varies with the program. You must make the determination as to whether the investment is worth it to you or not.

You do not have to participate in all the steps of Earnings Logic to make it an effective and profitable funnel for building your business.

Q. Do I have to give out my credit card number?

Earnings Logic will never ask you for a credit card number.

Q. Do I have to have experience?

Absolutely not. Anyone can do this. Some of our best case studies are of those that have never marketed online… ever. If you are serious and follow instruction there will be help available when you need it.

And the bonus step provides the most advanced training in how to start making commissions on the internet that you will find anywhere in the world! It will take you from nothing to making money in just 14 days.

Q. When do I get Paid?

Each step pays differently.

Some pay immediately upon completion of a sale. Some pay weekly to an “eWallet” type of an account. This allows you to transfer the money to your bank account whenever you wish.

Some affiliate programs (like step 3) pay you whenever your earning reach a certain threshold.

Remember, you are not paid by Earnings Logic, but by each program represented by the different steps.

Q.How Do I Mask My Link To Promote?

When you post your “Link to Promote” – especially in social media – you need to mask it. This is a requirement because if you do not the link may become banned and it will harm not only you but the entire community.

There are multiple ways to mask a link when you post to social media, your blog, or your website. We will discuss a few of the major ones:

Use the link as a Hyperlink to other words
Use a domain or subdomain redirect
Use a tracking service
Use a link shortener service
We will discuss each of these in more detail.

Use the link as a Hyperlink to other words
This will not work on Facebook and some other social media or in a Youtube description. However, it is usually the best method of masking your link when you can, like in an email, in a post, on your website, or any social media that allows it.

This method simply means hyperlinking some words. So if I write:
Earnings Logic will generate passive income

Then I need to click on a link icon or find the menu item for “hyperlink” and then type http://EarningsLogic.com and it will turn the words into a hot link (like the example). When people click on the words they will be taken to the link that is invisible underneath the words. (You will hyperlink to your “Link To Promote.”)

Does that make sense?

Use a domain or subdomain redirect
This is the very best way to mask your link. This is what we recommend.

Get your own domain name. Then simply redirect the domain to your “Link to Promote.” You can also set up an unlimited number of sub-domains to help you track the results of separate promotions. If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to Youtube and search “how to get a domain name.” Or you may just need to search “how to redirect my domain name on [the name of your registrar – like Namecheap.

So just redirect your domain name or a subdomain to the link you promote for Earnings Logic and then use it to direct people to your page of Earnings Logic. Then each time they click on your domain name they will be sent directly to your The Winner’s Network page.

Get your own domain name HERE

Use a tracking service
A good rule for an internet marketer is to always know your numbers. You need to know what results you are getting from every method you use to promote your site. To do this you can use a tracking service. You can go to Google and search on “tracking services.” The one I recommend is ClickMagick because it is low-cost and easy to use. You can also become an affiliate and make a commission when others use ClickMagick.

Sign up for ClickMagick HERE ({this is an example of using #1 for masking!)

When you use a tracking program it will give you a tracking link to use and that link will send people to your “Link To Promote”. However, the tracking service may require that you mask their link which means you will have to use one of the other methods mentioned here as well.

Use a link shortener service
Go to Google and search for “URL shortener”. You will find many choices, probably beginning with “Google URL Shortener.”

What these do is they take your link, no matter how long it is, and shorten it to a more manageable size. Some will allow you to suggest an add-on to the link, like “freesystem” or whatever else you want to say to encourage people to click on it. Some will just give you a random link.

In any case, they will mask your link so you are posting a link originating from their domain yet it will redirect your visitors immediately to your “Link To Promote.”


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